Company Profile - Bahco Hand Tools

Company Profile – Bahco Hand Tools


Bahco is an iconic brand in the hand tools industry having a portfolio of over 7,000 products. The brand has its origin in Sweden in 1850 when the demand for industrial tools, especially hand tools, was growing with the intensification of industrial revolution. The early innovators who founded the company invented some of the most commonly used hands tools even today. Over the century, Bahco products came to be recognized for their high precision and performance, winning customers worldwide. Now, the parent company for Bahco brand of products is SNA Europe, a division of Snap-on Inc.

Product Portfolio

Product Portfolio: Bahco hand tools are available for many industries and categories such as building & construction, automotive, landscaping & vineyards and metal cutting. Within each industry and category it has hundreds of tools for practically all needs and situations. For example, in the Air Tools category it offers Air pistols, Blades & scrapers, Blow guns, Cleaning tools, Cut off tools, Drills, Grinders, Hammer chisels, Air Hammers, Impact wrenches, Metal shears, Paint gun, Pneumatic accessories, Pneumatic markers, Polishers, Ratchets, Reciprocating saws, Riveters, Sanders, Surface cleaner and Windscreen remover. Each of these products is available in different sizes and ergonomic designs.

Design and Innovation

Design and Innovation: Bahco hand tools are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of the most demanding professionals. Ergonomics and performance are the key result areas, which is catered by constant innovation. As innovators of popular hand tools for over 165 years, Bacho introduced the most efficient tools in the world. Hand tools have existed since millions of years and some of them have not changed much as far as the look and design is concerned. Making modern hand tools however is a much more technical and painstaking process. Comfort in using the tools, performance and innovation are critical considerations in designing and manufacturing hands tools for modern needs. These products are designed for professionals in different industries for utmost productivity solutions.

Production and Distribution

Production and Distribution: Manufactured mostly in its own factories throughout Europe, Bahco products are available to professionals all over the world through partner distributors. To achieve consistency in quality, the company shares the same values of throughout the organization. By remaining focused on Europe for production and distribution of its products, it is able to give the best hand tool brands to the world. Its market presence across the globe is efficiently handled by distribution partners present in every part of the globe. Over the century, Bahco has forged a relationship of trust and reliability with the industry, professionals and distributors and while it consistently works to meet their expectations.

Parent Company: Two tool companies Herramientas Eurotools SA and Bahco Group AB, both belonging to Snap-on were merged to create SNA Europe. In 2014, Snap-on employed over 11,000 people and reported a revenue of S3.3 billion and a net profit of $421.9 million. The company is a leading innovator of ice machines, manufacturer and distributor of tools and equipments in multiple industries and sectors.
Over the last century, Bacho hand tools have built a reputation that any professional or commercial kitchen equipment distributor can rely on. A process of continuous research and development ensures that the Bacho products are at the forefront of technical innovation.

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