Top 10 electronic devices in 2017

Top 10 electronic devices in 2017

Spark Drone

The DJI’s $499 palm-sized electronic drone has sparked attention of hundreds of thousands of gadget junkies around the world earlier this year with its compact size, affordable price range, and unique features. For just under $500 dollars, it has the capability to take off from your palm and land back controlled by nothing but gestures! It also has the ability to take pictures based on gestures; if you stand with your arms folded and smile at it, it will automatically take pictures of you!

The PowerRay

Equipped with a 4k camera on board, this electronic underwater drone has swept away film makers and tech enthusiasts with its ability to go as deep as 30 meters or 98 feet, for as long as 4 hours, and capture high resolution footages. It has a 50 meter cable that allows you to control it from above water, and it also features fish bait which attracts fishes using special features.

Smart Dog Collar

Everyone loves their dogs, and wouldn’t it be better if you knew how your dog was feeling? Smart dog collar is an electronic device helps you keep track of your dog’s sleeping and eating habits, and also detect mood changes.

Flow smart Air Quality Sensor

This electronic filter coupled with a smart phone app can tell you about the quality of air you are breathing and help you stay away from polluted areas where air quality is really bad.

Iphone 8

The most awaited smartphone of the year is surely going to a phenomenal electronic device which has already attracted a lot of attention.

Samsung S8

After a disastrous year, Samsung tries to regain its losses through its new electronic smartphone, S8 and S8 plus. Its screen and camera are better than ever but is the electronic battery inside safe enough? You may find some new model coming soon from Vtech toys educational segment for kids with apps (toddler toys).

Ring Door Bell

This is not just an electronic door bell. It is an electronic device helps you talk to your guests even if you are not at home and it looks pretty too with its bronze facade. Gone are the days when you missed a delivery or a visit from a relative just because you were not at home.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

This electronic device is a must have for people who love to read in 2017. With its soft display, long battery life and easy to use features, it is suitable for readers of any age group to use.

Apple Airpods

Gone are the days when you had to untangle a mess of earphone wires before you could connect them to your electronic device. Apple Airpod are the future, just put them on, flip the charging case open, and viola they will play whatever sound your nearest electronic apple device transmits to them!

LG Instaview Fridge

Do you stand in front of your fridge every night looking for food? You can do that with LG Instaview electronic fridge without wasting any precious energy. This electronic fridge allows you to see what’s inside it without you having to open the door. Just tap on the door twice, and this electronic device will show you the contents inside!

For Electrical engineer, you may look at more advanced tools designed in 2017 such as the new Fluke 376 & Hakko Soldering Station. You can check new tools designed in 2018 such as the compressed air filter and air receiver tank.

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