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What Can You do When Your Shower Leaks?

Did you ever get to witness a leaky shower or dripping tap at your home? If not then may be you have missed something. Such plumbing issues are quite common and can surprise you at any hour of the day. And that’s quite common that we are not able to overcome such factors easily. This is what enhances the eminence of having a plumber in your touch always.

When encountering such circumstances, people often go for hiring a plumber but did you ever get to think what if you are not able to get the assistance of an expert? Then what you can do when your shower leaks? For such times, it is good to have the necessary knowledge about the plumbing basics. Be it the tools or skills, everything is important when it comes to fixing a leaky shower.

If you are the one who is completely new to such experiences then here’s what you can try.

  1. Call a plumber – If you are not a savvy in such matters then call a plumber. There may be times when your plumber is not able to reach your home, may be because of bad weather or any other necessity. So, in such cases, always make sure to call your plumber who can suggest you some temporary solution for the same. It is the most convenient way that you can go for but it only works when you have the necessary tools available to you.
  1. Ask any plumbing expert – If you do not know any plumber in personal, then there are different plumbing agencies where you can find 24*7 plumbing solutions for all your problems. All you need is to have the right guidance and a number to dial.
  1. Turn off supply – If you are not in the mood to get assistance then pull up your socks and get ready to fix it on your own. But make sure you have all the necessary tools with you. For this, you need to turn off the water supply for the backend; with this, you can save your bathroom from turning into a swimming pool.
  1. Remove shower head – Then comes removing the shower head which needs to be fixed. This should be done with a wrench to make the task easier for you. Be careful as you may end up breaking the shower knob or head which may again burn a hole in your pocket.
  1. Remove washer – Then check out the problematic area and remove the washer safely. When a washer releases its actual grip, only then a shower starts leaking.
  1. Clean – Then clean the area with a dry cloth to overcome the problem easily.
  1. Insert new washer – Now insert a new washer on the shower cartridge.
  1. You are done – Re-attach the shower head and it’s done.


Plumbing is something that almost everyone can experience in their life at least once in the lifetime. You never know when you get to see such plumbing issues, so always make sure to be readily available with the toolkit to fix it on your own.