Anti Static Mats For a Shock Proof Experience

What is The Science Behind Antistatic Mat?

With every passing day, technology amazes us with its different wonders which not just makes our life more convenient but simply standardizes our way of living. When we talk about technology, it’s hard to neglect computer or any other electronic device that runs on technology.

The computer is the biggest attention grabber and a necessity for almost everyone demands safety and regular cleaning. It is one such device that may seem easy to run but has a lot of technicalities on the back end.

Keeping electronic devices is quite different from cleaning your other households. If required safety measures are not taken properly, it can either damage your device or let you experience minor electric shocks. To keep you aside from such nightmares, technology has given us another present named anti-static mats.

A huge majority of people who don’t love technical things may do not know about this product. And in case you are one of them who do not know anything about anti-static mats then continue reading and discover something new about a new product today.

What are Anti Static Mats? 

There are chances when you try to clean your computer or any other electronic device with liquid cleaners which might make your device look like a brand new one but may get to experience you some electronic shocks. And to avoid these, anti-static mats are used. These mats look similar to any other ordinary mat but the only unique thing about these mats are, they come with an electronic sensation which saves you and your product from getting affected.

These mats are ideal to control the electrostatic discharge which saves you from shock and protects the device from any internal or external damage. Apart from this, anti-static mats are used for increasing the lifespan of computer peripherals like mouse, keyboard or other devices like- expansion cards, memory devices, motherboard and much more. All you need is to keep an anti-static mat under your mouse, keyboard or any other device that you wish to safeguard.

Now, the question arises how does this anti-static mat works?

Anti-static mats are different from the ordinary mats. These are not used for a purpose to keep electronic devices clean and tidy but to eliminate electric vibes that come from a device can give you shock several times.

It happens due to the conductive material which is embedded in between the two layers of this antistatic mat. With this, even if your damaged product releases harmful electronic vibes, the conductive layer inserted in between the mat controls the electrostatic discharge and eventually saves you from severe electric shocks.

To let the mat work properly all you need is to keep it on a flat surface so that it can catch the grounding and save you from unwanted electrical discharge. Apart from anti-static mats, now there are antistatic wrist straps, antistatic garments, bags, lonizing bars which are made for the same purpose.


Anti-static mats are easily available in the market. These have become a basic necessity to safeguard your electronic devices and to keep yourself away from surprising electronic shocks.